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The Birdham Neighbourhood Plan Referendum will be held on 5 May 2016

Birdham Neighbourhood Plan has been examined by Janet Cheesley, an inependent examiner.  The Examiner’s Final Report has been received and can be viewed by using the link  below. Chichester District Council has now published its Decision Statement as agreed by Cabinet on 9th February 2016.

The Neighbourhood Plan referendum documnets has been updated and can be viewed by using the link below.

These documents are also available to view on this site and the  Chichester Distric Council web site.


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Birdham Parish Neighbourhood Plan -Final Post Examination Version

Birdham NP Reg 16 Summary of Reps February 2015

Birdham NP Decision Statement

Birdham Neighbourhood Plan Basic Conditions Statement November 2014

 Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) Opinion Screening Determination

Birdham Neighbourhood Plan Consultation Statement October 2014

Birdham Neighbourhood Plan Pre-submission comments and responses October 2014


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Birdham Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group